Parking Department


Description Amount Available Active Expires
Faculty / Staff $15.00 Available Active 08/10/2016
Summer Session (Both I and II) $40.00 Available Active 08/01/2016
Summer Session I $27.50 Available Active 06/22/2016
Summer Session II $27.50 06/20/2016 06/27/2016 08/01/2016
Temporary $15.00 Available Active 08/24/2016
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Code Description Amount
AA Parked in Police vehicles only $25.00
BB Overnight Parking(10pm-8am) $25.00
C No Current Campus Registration Display $25.00
CC Not a parking space $25.00
D Overnight Parking (2-6 am) $25.00
E Blocking Drive $25.00
F Blocking Fire Lane $25.00
G Parking In Faculty/Staff Lot $25.00
H Overtime Parking (60 min zone) $25.00
HCP Handicap Violation/access $100.00
I Parked In Std Lot w/ Wrong Permit $25.00
J Driving/Parked on Sidewalk $25.00
K Parked on Grass $25.00
L No Parking Zone $25.00
N Improper Parking $25.00
O Other Moving Violation $25.00
P Speed Too Fast For Conditions $25.00
PP Permit placed wrong location $25.00
Q Failure To Stop At Sign $25.00
R Parked in Bus Stop Only $25.00
S Parked in Special Permit Only $25.00
T Parked in Duplicating Only $25.00
U Parked in Child Care Drop Off $25.00
V Parked in Visitor Only $25.00
W Parked in Admissions Only $25.00
X Service Vehicles Only $25.00
Y Speeding $25.00
Z Expired Meter $25.00
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